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Patricia's story 'Put on a Happy Face' has won the 2019 Dee May Award for Fiction.

9 september 2019


Patricia's short story Autumn Break was published online by Thanet Writers.

To read - click here Thanet Writers 

July 2019

Patricia's Memory Sonnet was included in TIME FLIES, an anthology of stories and poems published as part of the Ramsgate Festival of Sound 2019.


Mirror, Mirror

Commissioned by Carousel Players, St Catharines, Canada

Cast: 3F


There is sometimes a stage in a woman’s life when she looks at her daughter and sees herself and looks in the mirror and sees her mother.


Mirror, Mirror is a collage of the writing of some of Canada’s leading women writers (Margaret Atwood, Sylvia Fraser, Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro and Gabrielle Roy) selected and adapted by Patricia Mahoney for the stage to portray the complexities of female relationships particularly the bond between mother and daughter. 


First produced by Carousel Players at The Studio Theatre, St Catharines, Canada and then on tour. 

Directed by Des Davis

Cast: Winn Bray, Faye Davis and Patricia Mahoney


Subsequent productions included Victoria Playhouse Petrolia and

Opus Productions, Hamilton, Canada.


‘warm, human, touching… lovely, lovely piece of work.’ 

Hamilton Spectator


'dramatically exciting'

St Catharines Standard


This Foreign Land

Commissioned by the Blyth Festival, Canada

Written by Patricia Mahoney with the This Foreign Land Company

Cast 4M/3F


This Foreign Land is based on interviews with people living in the Blyth, Ontario area who had emigrated from Europe after the Second World War. Through songs and stories, the play traces the journeys  of those who traded the familiarity of their homeland for life in a new country with a different language and culture - a foreign land. The joys, the hilarity and the traumas of families who threw over the past for a fresh beginning settling the farms, towns and cities of South Western Ontario are chronicled through their stories.


First produced at the Blyth Memorial Theatre, Blyth, Canada as the opening play of The Blyth Summer Festival '79.

Directed by James Roy

Cast: Anne Anglin, Richard Budzinski, Layne Coleman, Mary Ann Coles, Peter Elliott, Sam Malkin and Seana McKenna


‘A delight… It’s in shows such as this that there’s the basis for a true popular Canadian theatre.’  Gina Mallet, The Toronto Star


‘A winner… impressive… mixes warmth, humour with generosity of spirit with perceptive observation.’  Doug Bale, London Free Press


‘Splendid… a genuine feel for its community.’  Jamie Portman, Southam News Service


Plays for children and young people


Commissioned by Carousel Players, St Catharines, Canada

Written by Patricia Mahoney and Jackie Holt

A play for young people aged 11 - 13.

Cast: 3M/2F


Chloe, a young Inuit girl, is returning home to Calumet from the south where she has been completing her formal education. While she has been away, Don, her brother has been made Chief. But estrangement between brother and sister is more obvious than joy, It is the eve of the Berger Enquiry into the gas pipeline slated to run through the MacKenzie River Delta, and fresh hostilities  have surfaced in this small town, Now, as Chloe must decide where she stands on this issue, both within her family and within her community, a new dimension of her education begins. Pipeline does not attempt to judge. It reports the fears and apprehensions of every day people and the home spun humour that gets them through.


The play is based on the transcripts of the Berger Enquiry hearings.


First produced by Carousel Players, Canada.

Directed by Des Davis

Cast: Winn Bray, Tom Hall, John Sweeney, Chris Kelk and Patricia Mahoney


Subsequent production by Theatre Go Round, Canada. 


From Sea to Sea

Written by Patricia Mahoney

A play for young people in aged 11 - 13.

Cast: 3M/2F


A play about the birth of a country - Canada.


‘Confederation can be one of the most boring topics in any history book…. But, Theatre Go Round brings it to life…. This play may have been written, designed and played for students but it is certainly suitable for an older audience. It convinced me, a long term history student, that the Confederation story was really an exciting experience.’

John Knisely, The Advertiser Topic


 First produced by Theatre Go Round, Canada.



Commissioned by Theatre Go Round, Canada

Written by Patricia Mahoney

A participation play for children aged 4 - 8.

Cast: 3M / 2F


Eight year old Jason had it made. Everyone in Midtown said so. Everyone said if he kept playing hockey the way he did he would grow up to be greater than Wayne Gretzky. Everyone called him Flash. That was before the accident - the freak accident. Everyone said it was a shame. Everyone sent cards and flowers. No one calls him Flash anymore, but he has heard people whisper Freak


Freak is a play about Jason’s struggle to cope with his new life in a wheelchair. It examines not only his battle with the physical restraints imposed on him, but also his difficulties in dealing with the often unintentional cruelty of both children and adults.


The children in the story are played by actors and the students. The adults are portrayed by colourful, giant, soft, ‘mob’ puppets.


First produced by Theatre Go Round, Canada.



'Storyline most appropriate for children in today's schools. Play had an exceptional amount of meaning for children.' Errol Public School


'FREAK took a positive approach to a sensitive topic and handled it extremely well.' South Plympton School


'Excellent - with good possibilities for follow-up.' Riverview Central School.

Two Plays in Search of a Producer

Open Season

by Patricia Mahoney


Despite the worsening economic crisis, British people carry on. They go about their business: some at work; some at home; others meet friends for dinner out. Their lives are about to change. One man has overheard a conversation in a bar. It could change the nation – maybe the nation has already changed and no one has noticed. He needs to let people know - it’s open season. 


A modern dystopian play set in the near future.



May 2019

Theatre Network Thanet did a public reading of Patricia's of the latest draft of this new play.

Resort Studios, Cliftonville, MARGATE CT9 2BH


Rules of the Game

by Patricia Mahoney

Cast 4M/1F (plus additional characters on video) 

‘Ever feel like you’re in a rut? Like you’ve lost control of your life? Like you want to break free - chuck it all in - see the world - have that REALLY BIG ADVENTURE?

Know the feeling?


Well, sometimes you just have to take the plunge.’


Rules of the Game follows four young professionals who chuck in their jobs and predicable lives to take the plunge. They meet for the first time on a beach in paradise. But something goes wrong - they find they are out of their depth and no longer know the rules of the game.


Short stories, flash fiction and poetry

Patricia is an award winning writer of short stories, flash fiction and poetry. Most recently, her work has been published  in the following anthologies or online sites.


23 August 2019

Patricia's Memory Sonnet was published online by Thanet Writers.

To read - click here  Thanet Writers 


 8 May 2019

Finding the Internal Rhythm of a Character - an essay by Patricia, was published online by 

 Thanet Writers 


                                         11 March 2019

                                         Patricia's short story, Song of a Child, was published online by Thanet Writers 


                                          15 October 2018

                                          Patricia's short story, Post, was published online by Thanet Writers.


                                           10 September 2018

                                  Patricia's short story, Your Shout, was published online by Thanet Writers.


                                           11 June 2018

                                           Patricia's short story, The Call, was published online by Thanet Writers.


Patricia's story, Peace in a Time of Net Curtains, was published in the

 150 Canadian Stories of Peace.


The anthology was compiled to mark Canada's 150 years of Confederation and 

was published in November 2017.


The anthology is available through Canadian booksellers and Amazon.



5 *****  Amazon 

'What a wonderful way to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary!'


And in the following IsleWrite publications:


IsleWrite 2011

Kissed Off

Thanks for the Memories 

Long Hairs and Short Tales

Winter Words 

Small Things

and most recently

Dancing With Lydia


IsleWrite is a group of Thanet writers who meet from 2.00pm - 5.00pm on the third Wednesday of each month at the Broadstairs Library.